1. Measure

Quantify your company’s carbon emissions.

Every time we use energy, whether its to extract raw materials, turn those into products, or ship those to customers, it emits carbon into the atmosphere and is measured in tCO2e (tons of carbon dioxide or equivalent amount of other greenhouse gas). It’s important for you to account for all of these emissions, and not just the last mile. Fortunately these tools are available and they are easy to use. Learn more about measuring here.

2. Offset

Reduce emissions where you can, offset the rest.

You’ve quantified how much tCO2e you’ve emitted, now offset it. Carbon offsets reduce, absorb, or prevent carbon dioxide (or equivalent greenhouse gases) from making their way into the atmosphere. Carbon offsets are investments in clean energy and carbon capture projects, and Climate Neutral connects companies with vetted projects that meet the most stringent and widely-accepted offset criteria. Learn more about offsetting here.

3. Label

Communicate your carbon neutrality to the world.

Empower your customers to make carbon neutral purchases. Like Certified Organic or Fair Trade, customers deserve the right to understand the impact of their decisions. Help build a future in which consumers demand carbon neutrality from all of their products. Learn more about labeling here.

Process & Methods

Climate Neutral is a simple, straightforward path to carbon neutrality for companies of all sizes and industries. Learn more about our process and methodology here.