Companies can become Climate Neutral in one of two ways:

1. Complete the Climate neutral 3-step process

We’ve consolidated the world’s best resources for attaining carbon neutrality, and created a simple, straightforward path for companies of all sizes and industries. For details on our processes and methodologies, scroll down.

2. Receive certification through one of the following established programs

There are a number of carbon neutrality certification bodies out there. The groups below meet or exceed our standards. If your company receives certification through one of these methods, you may already qualify as a Climate Neutral brand.

The Climate Neutral 3-step path to citizenship:

1. Measure

Calculate your brand’s scope 1-3 carbon emissions for the previous year

Your carbon footprinting methodology depends on the size of your company.

Companies with annual revenue below $200M:

  • Optionally, hire an external firm to conduct a carbon footprint analysis or conduct in-house analysis using the following online calculators:

  • If you do not wish to hire an external firm, you may conduct an in-house analysis. If you choose this option, we ask that you pay an annual $2,000 fee to Climate Neutral to fund yearly spot-check audits.

  • Whether your measure your footprint via an external firm or in-house, you must add 20% to your final footprint calculation. The calculators above are algorithmic tools that generate fast and reasonably accurate carbon footprint measurements. By adding 20% to all carbon footprint measurements across the board, we collectively compensate for any margin of error that might exist.

Companies with annual revenue above $200M:

  • Optionally, hire an external firm to conduct a comprehensive carbon footprinting analysis.

  • If you do not wish to hire an external firm, you may conduct an in-house analysis using the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol standards developed by the World Resources Institute (WRI).

Verify your footprint with Climate Neutral

Once you’ve conducted your carbon footprint analysis, submit your final calculation to us, and we’ll review it.

If conducting in-house analysis, you’ll submit:

  • Final calculation of scope 1-3 emissions (reported in tCO2e)

  • Data used in online calculators or GHG Protocol

  • Proof of annual revenue

If hiring an external firm, you’ll submit:

  • Final calculation of scope 1-3 emissions (reported in tCO2e)

  • A brief overview of methodology (typically in the form of the final report or deliverable created by your footprinting firm)

  • Proof of annual revenue

2. Offset

Purchase verified carbon offsets and submit proof to us.

Purchase and submit proof of (certificate or receipt) carbon offset credits for an amount equal-to or more-than your total emissions calculated in step 1. Offsets must meet the following criteria:

You can purchase offsets from a wide variety of brokers and retailers. Our recommended offset brokers include, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, and 3Degrees.

3. Label

Place the Climate Neutral badge on your products.

Following the successful completion of steps 1 and 2, the Climate Neutral team will contact you to confirm your certification and provide graphical assets for marketing use.

To maintain Climate Neutral status, you must complete steps 1 and 2 on an annual basis.